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Study Programme "Applied Computer Science with Business & Information Systems Engineering"

Studium Wirtschaftsinformatik

The study of Applied Computer Science with Business & Information Systems Engineering as its area of application prepares students for challenging tasks and positions in the practical areas of digitization, IT controlling as well as IT and project management. Due to its interdisciplinary nature and the numerous options from the fields of computer science, economics and mathematics, graduates are highly sought after in IT departments and digitization teams, technology management and (in-house) consulting for industrial and service companies as well as in public administration, research institutions and start-ups.

Please be aware that certain courses in this program are only taught in German.

Bachelor programHide

The application subject Business & Information Systems Engineering of the Bachelor program in Applied Computer Science teaches the fundamentals of business administration and Business & Information Systems Engineering. In addition, there are introductions to related disciplines such as economics and business law.

The special feature of Business & Information Systems Engineering is that computer scientists have the task of looking at familiar methods and concepts (data structures, algorithms, etc.) not only from a technical perspective, but also from a business perspective: Can theoretical solutions also be used in practice? What requirements does a customer or user have of an IT product and how can these requirements be implemented as effectively and efficiently as possible? Do the benefits equal the costs? 

In order to be able to answer these questions, the application subject Business & Information Systems Engineering offers a broad education in these areas: 

  • Business & Information Systems Engineering
  • Business administration ad economics
  • Business law
  • Marketing 
  • Production and logistics
  • Technology and innovation management

These basics are a mandatory part of the bachelor's program. In addition, students can contribute up to 20 LP in in-depth areas. The module concept of the application subject thus presupposes some core elements on the one hand, but on the other hand leaves students a great deal of freedom of choice. A guideline is provided by the model study plans (german) as well as the current examination and study regulations (german).

Master programHide

In the Business & Information Systems Engineering application subject of the Master program in Applied Computer Science, advanced and in-depth modules from the fields of Business & Information Systems Engineering and business administration are taught. Students develop the ability to reconcile their understanding of technical methods and concepts with an economic, customer-oriented perspective as part of their studies. In addition, the program offers students the opportunity to also work on research-related topics and take their first scientific steps.

Two application-based components are offered from which a minimum number of credit hours must be completed: 

  • Business & Information Systems Engineering (at least 24 LP): 
  • Hauptseminar in Wirtschaftsinformatik 
  • Management digitaler Projekte und Programme 
  • IT-Governance 
  • Energiewirtschaft in Zeiten der Digitalisierung 
  • Strategic Information Management 
  • Wertorientiertes Prozessmanagement 
  • Introduction to Business & Information Systems Research 
  • Verhaltensökonomie und Informationssysteme 
  • … 
  • Innovation management und innovation marketing (at least 6 LP): 
  • Dialogmarketing 
  • Innovationsmarketing 
  • Data Mining im Marketing mit R 
  • Marketing Intelligence 
  • Auktionen 
  • … 

The remainder of the 30 to 45 LP that can be contributed in the application subject can also be filled with numerous elective modules from the subject areas of Business & Information Systems Engineering, business administration, law or economics. In the module concept of the Master's program below, essential core content elements are thus supplemented by components with great freedom of choice for the students. A guideline is provided by the model study plans (german) and the current examination and study regulations (german).

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