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Faculty of Law, Business and Economics

Business & Information Systems Engineering at the University of Bayreuth

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Theses offered

Below you will find an overview of the theses offered in the field of Business & Information Systems Engineering at the University of Bayreuth.

Title Bachelor Thesis Master Thesis
Accept me as I am or see me go! User Acceptance of Self-Sovereign Identities yes yes
An Evaluation Framework for Portable Identity Management Solutions yes yes
Analyzing the Security of Blockchain Systems yes yes
Artificial Intelligence and Data-Driven Business Model Innovation yes yes
Blockchain and Data Protection yes no
Blockchain in the Public Sector yes no
Blockchain-Based Use Cases in the Sports Industry: Opportunities and Challenges for Professional Soccer Club yes yes
Business Applications of Privacy Enhancing Technologies yes yes
Business Implications of Blockchain Scalability Properties yes yes
Classifying and Understanding Financial Digital Assets yes yes
Combining Process Simulation and Process Mining for Process Improvement yes yes
Concepts for Large-scale Adoption of Blockchain Technology yes yes
Decentralized Finance: Grundlagen, Anwendungen und Potenziale yes no
Digital Business Strategy in the Age of Artificial Intelligence yes yes
Digital Identity Management in the Public Sector yes yes
Digitalisierung des öffentlichen Gesundheitssektors – Entwicklung eines literatur- und empiriebasierten Reifegradmodells no yes
Digitalisierung des Stromsektors no yes
Electronic Health Records: How do digitalization and electronic data exchange contribute to reducing information asymmetries between healthcare providers? yes yes
Entrepreneurship und Digital Health: Einsatz disruptiver Technologien im Gesundheitswesen no yes
Evaluating Different Approaches to Infer a Person’s Gender and Ethnicity from the Name yes yes
Examining big data through a self-programmed web scraping tool yes no
Human-AI-interaction in medical decision making yes no
Joint-Venture-Strategien zur Entwicklung digitaler Plattformen yes yes
Konzeption und prototypische Realisierung eines Churn-Management-Systems für Software- und Digitalunternehmen unter Nutzung von Künstlicher Intelligenz und Machine Learning no yes
Konzeption und prototypische Realisierung eines KPI-Konfigurators für Software- und Digitalunternehmen no yes
Konzeption und prototypische Realisierung eines strategischen Frühwarnsystems für Software- und Digital-Unternehmen no yes
Künstliche Intelligenz in der Diagnose – Eine quantitative Überprüfung von Einstellungsdeterminanten no yes
Machine Learning und KI im Sport yes yes
Motivationsfaktoren für mehr Bewegung – Ein Experiment yes yes
Organizational Adoption of Blockchain Technology yes no
Plattform-Ökosysteme und externe Entwickler no yes
Preaching water and drinking wine? Development and evaluation of a blockchain-based solution to increase political actions’ transparency no yes
Proof-of-concept für den internationalen Austausch von Studierendendaten via Blockchain no yes
Putting the Pieces Together – Describing the Machine Learning Value Network yes yes
Reifegrad der Digitalisierung im Sport yes yes
Social Media im Sport yes yes
Strukturelle Risiken in der Energieversorgung no yes
The Advent of Sports’ Token: Trading Blockchain-Based Soccer Token yes yes
The Anti-discrimination Effect in Open Source Communities: Analyzing the Impact of the Code of Coduct yes yes
The Concept of Artificial Intelligence Platforms yes yes
The Relationship between Self-Sovereign Identity and Blockchain yes yes
The User in Blockchain Literature yes no
Tokenisierung auf Blockchain-Basis: Grundlagen, Anwendungen und Potenziale yes no
Traveling as a way for personal self-fulfillment: does this apply to everyone within society? no yes
Who rules SSI? Governance for decentralized identity yes yes

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