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MKörner1 Dr. Marc-Fabian Körner

Faculty of Law, Business and Economics
Business & Information Systems Engineering and Digital Energy Management


Dr. Marc-Fabian Körner is a postdoctoral researcher at the Project Group Business and Information Systems Engineering of the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Information Technology (FIT) and the Research Center Finance & Information Management (FIM) where he is co-leading a research group.

In research, teaching and practice, Marc-Fabian is mainly engaged in two main areas: Since the beginning of his dissertation, he has been conducting research in the field of energy informatics in order to contribute to the energy transition. For example, he is looking at how digital technologies can contribute to the decarbonization of the economy and society: On the one hand, he is investigating how digital proofs of origin and of use of CO2 can enable companies to implement CO2-adaptive process management and at the same time create corresponding transparency for end consumers. On the other hand, Marc-Fabian is researching (market) strategies for balancing electricity supply and demand as well as corresponding operational decision support systems. Furthermore, he analyzes the applicability and benefits of digital identity management in a variety of application areas - from its use in public administration to the use of machine identities in companies in the context of industry 4.0. In detail, Marc-Fabian here investigates the use of self-sovereign identities that allow people, organizations, and machines to interact digitally with each other via decentralized and interoperable identities.

Marc-Fabian regularly publishes his research in relevant scientific journals and at conferences. Close foreign research collaborations exist, for example, with the University of Luxembourg or the Norwegian School of Economics in addition to the University of Dundee. Marc-Fabian is also active as a reviewer for various journals and conferences. In addition, he is involved in various research and industry projects in the above research fields. With corresponding practice transfer studies, he contributes to making the latest research findings applicable in close collaboration with industry partners.

Since 2015, Marc-Fabian has been employed at the Research Center FIM and at the Project Group Business and Information Systems Engineering of the Fraunhofer FIT, most recently as assistant to the department head as well as project manager, and since 2021 additionally as group co-head. He received his doctorate (summa cum laude) from the University of Bayreuth with a dissertation on the role of information systems for increasing flexibility in electricity grids. Previously, he studied economics and business administration as well as philosophy as a minor at the Universities of Erfurt and Bayreuth as well as at EDHEC Business School (France).


Faculty of Law, Business and Economics
Business & Information Systems Engineering and Digital Energy Management



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Faculty of Law, Business and Economics
Business & Information Systems Engineering and Digital Energy Management

Dr. Marc-Fabian Körner
Postdoctoral Researcher

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