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Information Systems guest speaker series with Dr. Andreas Drechsler from Victoria University of Wellington on October 29th, 2018


In the context of our “Information Systems Guest Speaker Series”, Dr. Andreas Drechsler from the Victoria University of Wellington will give a talk entitled “Utilizing, Producing and Contributing Design Knowledge in DSR Projects” at the University of Bayreuth. The guest speech will take place on Monday, October 29th, 2018, 16:00 – 13:00 in room 3.03in the office of the Fraunhofer Project Group Information Systems, Wittelsbacherring 10, Bayreuth. No prior registration is required.

Abstract: In the past, design science research (DSR) has often been criticised to struggle with making contributions beyond the developed artefact itself. This presentation distinguishes several design knowledge types in IS research and examines six different modes of utilizing and contributing design knowledge in the DSR project context. We call these modes design theorizing modes. Each mode draws on different knowledge types in a different way to inform the production of project design knowledge (including artefact design) in a DSR project or to grow the human knowledge bases in return. As different knowledge contributions require the corresponding formulation of suitable research questions, the presentation also distinguishes different types and formats of research questions for each design theorizing mode. Design science researchers can draw on our design theorizing modes and design knowledge perspectives to utilize the different extant knowledge types more consciously and explicitly to inform their build and evaluation activities. Researchers can further use the modes and perspectives as well as the provided research question templates to better identify and explicate their research’s contribution potential to the human knowledge bases.

Biography: Andreas Drechsler is a Senior Lecturer of Information Systems at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. He holds a doctorate degree in Information Systems from the University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany and has also been a Visiting Scholar at the University of South Florida in the United States. His research interests comprise IS/IT management, IT project management, and design science research.

Contact: Prof. Dr. Nils Urbach

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