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Lecture Announcement ST 2023: Introduction to Business and Information Systems Research (Master)


Lecture Announcement ST 2023: Introduction to Business and Information Systems Research (Master)

The chair of Information Systems and Business Process Management of Prof. Dr. Maximilian Röglinger offers the lecture "Introduction to Business and Information Systems Research" for Master students in the current semester. This semester, the lecture will be held by Dr. Anna Maria Oberländer and Tobias Guggenberger.  

Course Description 

To support students in their preparation for their research seminars and master theses, the "Introduction to Business & Information Systems Research" lecture is designed to provide them with the essential theoretical and methodological skills needed to craft their own research projects.

At the heart of every great research project is a captivating topic, but the key to producing meaningful results lies in a solid combination of theories and methods. Theories provide a strong foundation for research, allowing students to investigate their topic from an informed perspective and define its underlying phenomenon with precision. Methods, on the other hand, give students the power to produce reliable results and draw trustworthy conclusions. This ensures that their research is not only interesting but also scientifically sound.

Therefore, the lecture aims to provide a thorough understanding of the key components of research - topic, methods, and theories. This will enable students to conceptualize, carry out, and communicate their research effectively. The course will encompass the fundamentals of literature reviews, as well as delving into qualitative (e.g. case study research) and quantitative (e.g. survey-based research) empirical research methods. The design science paradigm will also be explored during the lecture. 

Equipped with these foundations, students will be able to develop their own research paper proposal in the course of this lecture, that can then serve as the basis for a later master's thesis or seminar paper.


Teaching Mode 

Most of the lectures will be provided in live sessions to allow for discussion of topics and answering of open questions. We might also have selected online units, where students will be provided with appropriate lecture materials and readings. 



Lecture: Start on Friday 21.04.2023, 10:15 – 15:45 

Tutorial: Start on Monday, 24.04.2023, 12:15 – 13:45 

For the detailed schedule, please refer to Campus Online.


Course Requirements 

This course is offered to all Master students enrolled in the Business Administration (BWL) program of the University of Bayreuth as part of the B1-6 module (Research Methods) or the supplementary module ("Ergänzungsmodul").

Students from related master’s programs are also invited to participate in the course. The credit must be coordinated with the respective module handbook or program moderator. There are no prerequisites for attending this course. Exchange students are welcome. 


Registration is not necessary. 


Lecture Materials 

The required documents will be made available within the eLearning portal in a timely manner once the lecture commences.



Dr. Anna Maria Oberländer (Anna.Oberlaender@uni-bayreuth.de

Tobias Guggenberger (Tobias.Guggenberger@uni-bayreuth.de)

Jens-Christian Stoetzer (Jens-Christian.Stoetzer@uni-bayreuth.de

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