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Ankündigung neues Seminar: Fairness in Artifical Intelligence (FAI)


Dear Students,

For the first time, the newly founded Chair of Information Systems and Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence is offering a new course: Fairness in Artificial Intelligence.

The seminar is offered as advanced study for Master BWL and Bachelor WI students.

During this course, students will gain insights into fairness considerations within artificial intelligence application. This will include the necessity, current methods for fairness considerations, explainable Ai (xAI) as well as common pitfalls. Students will work independently on a selected issue while the actual topic will be chosen in consultation with the research team and can range from literature reviews to practical implementation in python. This topic is then further explored within a scientific work resulting into a written seminar paper and presentation.

To apply, please submit a record transcript a CV to domenique.zipperling@uni-bayreuth.de. Application can be summitted throughout the year!

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